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I almost 45 years old


Life is beautiful , l’m going through a lot up and down in life and yet still survived and happy.

If you thing life is doing injustice or you are not happy with that please consider ask yourself, did you forgive yourself, did you help other’s?, did you good to you friends, neighbors, animal, plants or the people’s who is cleaning your garbage and fixed your electric?.

Well , I have been divorced 2 times, broken heart many times, stabbed by my friends, trying to commit suicide, moving in others country 3 times, stay in Mental Hospital, depression, stress , leave behind my family, parent and my kids. Starving, broke , changed jobs many times, fired 3 times and so on. But I still believes in God. That’s make me strong.

I’am Moslem from Indonesia and proud of that.

This picture is me every morning after Shubuh Prayer, I will take selfie of myself and then try to figure out which body parts I need to work out . Then I will do yoga and stretching.

I’m not sexy or beautiful , I dont have perfect body but hey…I always positive because life is beautiful.






3 comments on “I almost 45 years old

  1. Daniel
    March 2, 2016

    Hello 🙂 I stumbled on your blog somehow. You say that you are not sexy or beautiful, but I think you are. You look perfect. You seem like am amazing woman to keep going after all of that.

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