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Letter to My Son

To My Son Siwajaya Utomo Loo,

Magdeburg Germany , 20.11.2014


Siwa & Wisnu ( 20 & 13 Yrs Old )


Big brother.

I know you need my support and family support, but now you only by yourself my son … I can not carry your hand to the the adulthood door.

I know I am not a good mother , is that what your thing?, I often scold you even ever hit you at a time when you are small. But do you know my heart is sore after doing it and I regret it all until now.
Divorced and my quarrel with your Father is like a hell for you to grow yourself and your brother. For that I have to end it.
But this time I am not going to discuss it all, I just wanted to tell you that you are a boy who is good, handsome, independent and strong.
I salute your independence and I also salute with your strong mind.
You do not have a cell phone, I want to buy, you reject that because the reason you do not need it. I salute my son, I hope you still live simply and independently.
One that I always emphasize to you, please care and love your dear brother Wisnu Wijaya Radite Loo, because he had lost a mother and I do not want him to lost a brother.
Perhaps this demand is too high, but I believe you are a good and loving child.
My message further, appreciate you to be yourself, do not follow along into others, work hard to achieve your ambition.
I hope that after this you can finish school and continue the University in Magdeburg Germany. In Germany the University is free, I can support you. I hope you think about it.
I pray every day for you and your brother, may you be courageous, patient, determine , sincere, resilient, have strong mind, smart and accomplished what you aspired.
I always pray for you.

With love , your mother.


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