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Stadtpark Rotehorn in Magdeburg, Germany

The Rotehornpark is one of the most scenic German garden parks.

This beautiful landscape park designed in English style was developed from the natural Elbe floodplains. In 1871, Magdeburg’s famous garden architect Paul Niemeyer began his design of the spacious park where up until the 20th century, his successors significantly influenced the park’s appearance.

The park covers an area of 200 ha and lies on the Rotehorn Island embraced by the arms of the river Elbe and favourably located near the city’s centre. In 1927, the Stadthalle on the park grounds was erected in Bauhaus-style for the occasion of the German theatre exposition; the view tower, which soars to 60m and which is currently being renovated, also impresses the park’s visitors.

Magdeburg’s green lung is a popular and beautiful visiting spot for its residents. Whether you wish to take a refreshing walk, enjoy a bicycle tour or go inline skating, the Rotehorn Park is a place where fun and recreation are top priorities. The scenic variety of meadows, woods, old trees and the Adolf-Mittag-Lake in the middle of the park is a feast for the eyes of recreation seeking visitors.

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