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Spicy Fried Chicken With Lemon Balm Drink

Lemon Balm Drink

Lemon Balm Drink

I love to make drink from lemon balm leaves or zitronnenmelissa in German. Then I will add little bit rock sugar or brown sugar sometimes I substitute the sugar with honey instead, its taste wonderful, I feel fresh and happy after drinking that.
Lemon balm its good for digestion and gives us calm feeling, try it! I plant a lot in my garden during summer but its winter now all of them was died. So I have safe this lovely fresh lemon balm in small pot. I love this plant so much!

This afternoon I cooked spicy fried chicken . I fry the chicken first and then I made spicy sauce from, bird eye chilli, tomatoes,salam leave or substitute with bay leave if you can’t find,lemon grass,sugar,salt and lime leaves.
Very delicious…. try it!

Ayam Goreng Pedas , Spicy Fried Chicken



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