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Badly Burn Burger @ Mc Donald

Last weeks we are going for holiday in Dresden for couple of days.
We stay in NH hotel few meter from the Neuestadt Bahnhoff.

Early in the morning before we start our tour in the city.,our little kid want to have breakfast in Mc Donald which is his favorite restaurant.

So we went there around 8 am and decided to have 2 chicken burgers,one for me and the other for him.

To my surprised the burgers was badly burn !
We dont complain or want to asked for replacement just quite because of schock!
I have never ate such burning burgers before in any MC D restaurant, but why in Germany?

Look at our new burning burgers menu at Mc D:









These fotos was taken on 21 September 2013 around 8.15am at Mc Dc Dresden.


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