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Nasi Lemak Singapore, The Famous Food

Singapore is a small country synonymous with clean, The Red Dot although a small but very organized and neat. Did you know that people love to eat in Singapore?, Which is astonishing even though people like to eat and try new foods but there Obesity levels are low. Most women with a slender dress size XS or S.

Healthy lifestyle really “IN” the government decides, school children banned to be fat and obese. There is a progress report on the child’s weight in a book report on their report cards. Parents will be called to the school if their children are overweight or obese, parents will be taught the school to design a diet for children. And obese children during breaks in required follow sports, while children who are not obese eat or drink in the cafeteria. That’s the interesting facts there.

But here I am not going to talk about obesity in Singapore, I will write about food in Singapore which is their favorite food the Nasi Lemak. I live in Singapore long enough 21 years , there was delicious food everywhere, they dont not care in the morning, afternoon or evening and even a few stalls open till late at Midnight. So, if you open a food business in Singapore do not worry! Because people want to eat well! Singapore is attractive, they like to eat, but they also love sports, sports business thrive here.

Because of the joy with delicious food they are willing to queue for a long time to get their favorite food. Here’s one of the favorite foods of Singapore is delicious Nasi Lemak.

What exactly is the nasi lemak? Nasi lemak is rice cooked with coconut milk, pandan leaves, lemongrass leaves, finely chopped garlic, ginger and salt. There are a few stalls try to modify by mixing rice with pandan leaf extract to color rice green, but the point is the same, namely nasi lemak. The side dish nasi lemak is original in the beginning fried fish (anchovies) ++ mixed with fried peanuts, sunny side eggs, small yellow tail fish fry and cucumber.

But subsequent developments Nasi Lemak no longer original version only. later evolved to become the Nasi Lemak Fushion with side menu as diverse as fish Otak-otak, fish cake, fried chicken, spicy sautéed cuttlefish, Bergedel, fried fish, sausages, rendang, Fish Ball etc.










Picture by my dear Friend Michelle Tee.


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