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Coffee Luwak, The Exotic Coffee From Indonesia

I love coffee luwak since 5 years ago and now I start a retail business of Sumatra Wild Civet Coffee ( Kopi Luwak Liar Sumatra ).

The time I was a kid actually Grandma loves to drink civet coffee, I was only allowed to get a delicious aromas & smell of civet coffee just because grandmother forbade me to drink coffee.

Luwak coffee making process till reaches the consumer is full of hard work, tedious job and long hours. Here I provide the photos of our production department in Sumatra Indonesia.

Please visit our website if you are interested in civet coffee

We let the animal in their own habitat thats way our production maximum is limited, we dont captive the animal in the cage this is unethical and cruel to the animal.

the packaging

Plantation Wild Kopi Luwak, South-West Sumatra

Plantation Wild Kopi Luwak, South-West Sumatra


hand sorting

under the sun 2

Raw Coffee Poo1



Altitude 400m dpl. Proses Semi wash. Dry Hulling Fine Robusta

karung goni


paket merah for web



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