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Schlossplatz (Palace Square)

Residenzschloss (Ducal Palace)
This residential palace of the Guelphs was reconstructed in its original location and in its original size using old design plans and historical photographs.The ‘Residenzschloss’ (Ducal Palace) was badly damaged during World War II. In 2007, 47 years after its demolition, the palace was rebuilt using more than 600 of the original parts. The adjoining shopping centre ‘Schlossarkaden’ contains over 150 shops and restaurants.

The rooms inside the palace are being used by the library, the city’s archive, the cultural institute and the cultural administration department. The ‘Rote Saal’ (Red Hall) in the northern wing is the event centre of the cultural institute also house a museum that will illustrate the history of the palace. With the help of documents, photographs, paintings, salvaged and preserved pieces of furniture and contemporary fixtures the history of the Ducal Palace will be portrayed. Some of the rooms will be modelled on the former rooms and furnished just like the originals.

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